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Ayshin Jalil Zadeh
Jewellery and Objects ba hons

Birmingham City University

Specialisms: Jewellery

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Birmingham City University

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Ayshin Jalil Zadeh

Ayshin Jalil Zadeh ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Ayshin

Last Name: Jalil Zadeh

Specialisms: Jewellery


My Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

University / College: Birmingham City University

Course / Program Title: Jewellery and Objects ba hons


Ayshin Jalil Zadeh is an Iranian jewellery maker and designer who graduated in Jewellery and Objects from Birmingham City University in 2023.She finds inspiration in the rich worlds of architecture and Persian culture. Her work reflects her fascination with the intricate interplay of form, function, and beauty that can be found in both of these traditions. Drawing on the clean lines and bold geometric forms of modern architecture. At the same time, she is inspired by the rich history of Persian art and design, with its emphasis on intricate patterns, rich textures, and subtle variations in colour.

This collection draws inspiration from the intricate and detailed geometric patterns ,floral motifs, and calligraphy seen in Iranian architecture and ceiling of these buildings, translating them into stunning pieces of jewellery that are both unique and meaningful. Each piece in this collection is attribute to the rich, cultural heritage of Iran and the remarkable craftsmanship of it's builders and artists.

Silk road collection is a mesmerizing fusion of elegance and innovation in the world of jewellery. Crafted meticulously with a blend of metal and handwoven silk Persian carpets, this collection showcases the harmony between deconstructivist architecture and rich Persian culture. Some of the pieces features intricate chasing motifs, encapsulating the essence of tradition while embracing modern design elements. The Silk Road Collection is an embodiment of the past and present, a tribute to the marriage of artistic heritage and contemporary aesthetics, creating a truly unique and captivating jewelry experience.