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Specialisms: Apparel / Womenswear /

Location: New York, United States

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ZINING YE ArtsThread Profile

First Name: ZINING

Last Name: YE

Specialisms: Apparel / Womenswear


My Location: New York, United States

University / College: Fashion Institute of Technology FIT

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design MFA


Chinese-born, New York-based, Zining Ye, is a designer who strives to create a fashion language that juxtaposes chaos with tranquility and maximalism with restraint. Form and textile manipulation are central to her work. Traditional silhouettes are fused with architectonic textiles, and neutral palettes combine with rigid volumes to create collections that are quietly striking. During her studies in the FIT MFA Fashion Program, Zining Ye found a balance between traditional Asian culture and modern expression.

All kinds of skin care products are constantly updated in contemporary society. Excessive skincare makes more and more people suffer from skin problems. For example, my grandmother only uses edible olive oil for skin care, but she has nice skin that everyone wants. My skincare method and my grandmother's are huge differences. I have many different functions and brands of skincare and make-up products, but I still suffer from skin problems. This project starts with comparing skin care between me and my grandmother and explores the theme of skin and skin care. I investigated skin problems, skin conditions, skincare history, exaggerated new skincare items and products, etc. in the elderly and young people. In combination with the physical characteristics of the elderly, a silhouette experiment was carried out. I chose dark red combined with clothing structure to express people's skin wound conditions, surgical sutures, and skin problems. This design series chooses suits, woolen fabrics, and jacquard fabrics, presenting a series of autumn and winter menswear designs.

About the memeries and transformation

I think old objects are often reminiscent of some special memories. Although the state of things on obsolete photos may be blurred, colors may have faded, and even the photos are no longer complete. These unique flaws remind us of the mood, scent, and story of the moment when we took photos of them. Let us remember those memories that never come to mind during our daily life. When we think about "the value of the past" and "the existing form and meaning of objects". Although those old objects may have already lost their original value or function, and even have been discarded, forgotten, and damaged, from another perspective, they still have reconstruction value, memory value, and aesthetic value. This collection ex- tracts silhouettes from waste film photos with overexposure, virtual focus, and blur.

In Asian culture, restraint is a central theme. I began my collection from my curiosity about my grandmother’s generation and the social-cultural constructs of her era. Despite external suppression of individualism during that era, internal expression and freedom persisted. My collection, “Fancy Inside”, seeks to represent the friction of internal and external worlds by playing with the juxtaposition of fluidity and rigidity in form and textile and mixing traditional Eastern crafts with modern materials.