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Specialisms: Textiles for Fashion / Textiles - Print /

Location: Shanghai, China

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Glasgow School of Art

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XIAORUI SHI ArtsThread Profile

First Name: XIAORUI

Last Name: SHI

Specialisms: Textiles for Fashion / Textiles - Print


My Location: Shanghai, China

University / College: Glasgow School of Art

Course / Program Title: Fashion and Textiles MDes


Print-based fashion designer and recent MDes fashion&textiles graduate with a specialism within print for fashion.

The menswear collection explores the digital prints of garments printed all over menswear. The collection inspired from flowers and leaves. Flowers don't have to be brilliant and colorful, they can also be black and white or monochrome. Menswear doesn't have to be simple and bold, it can also be rich and dark. This is a print-driven fashion design project with a pattern inspired by flowers and leaves in nature, which I wanted to define in my way. Imaginative pencil drawings of flowers and leaves in strange forms are arranged and combined to create a pattern, using digital printing techniques to create a connection with the menswear silhouette. Every part of the wearer's body is covered with the print. I solved the problem of a single pattern for men's wear by designing a faux two-piece garment to give the pattern a more layered presentation and to promote the possibilities of hand-drawn illustration in menswear.