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Will Aloul
Design for Stage and Screen (Design for Film and Television) BA(Hons)

Nottingham School of Art & Design

Specialisms: Set Design - Stage Screen Dance / Modelmaking / Art Direction

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

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Nottingham School of Art & Design

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Will Aloul

Will Aloul ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Will

Last Name: Aloul

Specialisms: Set Design - Stage Screen Dance / Modelmaking / Art Direction

Sectors: Product / Architecture / Interiors / Product / Architecture / Interiors / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

University / College: Nottingham School of Art & Design

Course / Program Title: Design for Stage and Screen (Design for Film and Television) BA(Hons)


I am just starting my career in the film & TV industry, currently working on my first job after university as an Art Department Assistant. I recently graduated from BA (Hons) Design for Film & TV at Nottingham Trent University and am now seeking to use the skills I learned over the three years to further my career. I love the creativity and teamwork that come with working in an art department setting, and find myself still constantly learning, even after my studies ended. In the distant future, I hope to learn enough to become a production designer working in film and high-end TV drama. Outside of work, I am an avid Lego builder, huge fan of sci-fi and a casual writer. I hope you find some of my work interesting; thank you for your time and please feel free to get in touch.

My project is a design for a film adaptation of William Gibson's 1984 sci-fi cyberpunk novel 'Neuromancer'. Taking place in the future, protagonist Case agrees to a heist on a space station to earn back his implants. The book is sprawling with richly detailed locations, which I chose two of to design. Chiba City, a rundown, dystopian nightmare town filled with crime and illuminated by pervasive advertising is Case’s temporary home. It is host to shady characters and street vendors, and is the stage for an action-packed pursuit. I began by researching the architecture of metropolises like Tokyo, and looking at existing artwork and films within the cyberpunk genre. I developed my ideas through sketches and 3D modelling in Sketchup, before rendering animations and concept art using Twinmotion and Photoshop. I also made a 1:50 scale card model and technical drawings to enable it to be constructed. The second set was the Villa Straylight, the Tessier-Ashpool’s palace aboard Freeside space station. I looked at art deco influences this time, as the intricate detail created a sense of opulence and conveyed the level of grandeur appropriate for the characters who live there. Through many iterations, I again developed the design from sketches to 3D, created animations, technical drawings, a card model and over 20 concept images to visualise my design. I also digitally designed and physically manufactured Case’s cyberdeck as a prop make. Thank you for looking!