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Tamara Denić

Hamburg Media School

Specialisms: Film / Creative Direction / Storytelling

Location: Berlin, Germany

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Hamburg Media School

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Tamara Denić

Tamara Denić ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Tamara

Last Name: Denić

Specialisms: Film / Creative Direction / Storytelling


My Location: Berlin, Germany

University / College: Hamburg Media School

Course / Program Title: FILM DIRECTING


Tamara Denić is born in former Yugoslavia 1992 In 2016, she graduated with a bachelor's degree in art and multimedia and a minor in media informatics at LMU in Munich with an interactive, experimental short film. After that, Tamara worked as a dubbing recording manager, film production and editorial assistant and video editor in Berlin. At the same time, she acted in independent theatre groups and experimented with video performances. However, Tamara soon devoted herself increasingly to narrative short film projects. Along side her film projects, paintings and photographs, Tamara experiments with animations and VJing. 2022 she graduated with a master’s degree in film directing at Hamburg Media School with a scholarship from Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. SHE LIVES IN BERLIN.

Jelena is a photojournalist on an investigative editorial team in Belgrade that campaigns for basic democratic rights. Her journalistic work is her passion, but the atmosphere around her has been threatening for some time and she is increasingly becoming a target of right-wing extremist groups. When one day the editorial office is violently attacked and shortly afterwards her daughter Lara is threatened, Jelena decides - much to the relief of her mother Branka - to leave the country for the time being. And so she leaves her lover Nikola behind and sets off for Hamburg with her daughter. In Germany, she continues to pursue her vocation, but soon she experiences increasingly strong hostility and threats in her new home, too.