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Stijn van Cuijk
Advanced Product Design mfa

Umeå Institute of Design

Specialisms: Industrial Design / Interaction Design / Product Design

Location: Tilburg, Netherlands

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Umeå Institute of Design

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Stijn van Cuijk

Stijn van Cuijk ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Stijn

Last Name: van Cuijk

Specialisms: Industrial Design / Interaction Design / Product Design


My Location: Tilburg, Netherlands

University / College: Umeå Institute of Design

Course / Program Title: Advanced Product Design mfa


My work as a designer rests on a combined foundation of engineering and industrial design skills. Driven by creativity and curiosity, I use these skills to create holistic yet detailed proposals for physical products, sometimes accompanied by service offerings and digital experiences. Through working at various design agencies I have developed a flexible and collaboration-oriented work ethic—always adapting my process to the challenge at hand.

In response to the growing demands on emergency medical services, this project focuses on enhancing communication tools to improve patient outcomes. By collaborating with Jabra and the Umeå Ambulance station, I’ve aimed to leverage advanced communication technology for more efficient and effective emergency care. The result is Jabra Assist, a high-bandwidth communication device incorporating live video streaming. It is targeted at completely replacing the traditional hand-held radio, anticipating the possibilities unlocked by a transition from radio to wireless broadband infrastructure for emergency services. Paramedics wear the device on the chest, allowing remote medical specialists to assist and guide them in real-time while they work with the patient. This remote assistance method results in more accurate assessments, enhanced treatment capabilities, and fewer unnecessary hospital transports, saving precious emergency room capacity for those who truly need it.