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Silvana Roth
Animation BA (Hons)

Edinburgh College of Art

Specialisms: Animation / Film & Animation / Creative Direction

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Edinburgh College of Art

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Silvana Roth

Silvana Roth ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Silvana

Last Name: Roth

Specialisms: Animation / Film & Animation / Creative Direction


My Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

University / College: Edinburgh College of Art

Course / Program Title: Animation BA (Hons)


Hi, my name is Silvana, I am a German 2D animator and illustrator based in beautiful Scotland. I recently graduated from the Animation BA (Hons) course at Edinburgh College of Art.

I have a passion for character animation, production design and compositing. Finding creative and innovative workflows that incorporate various animation techniques brings me immense joy. I have previously animated sand, coffee, play-dough, charcoal etc but my favourite method is hand-drawn animation (both traditional and digital). The endless possibilities of expression in this field will never cease to excite me.

When I am not hunched over a lightbox you can find me frolicking in a forest or planning my next road trip.

'Waldeinsamkeit' is my short animated graduation film. It follows an old lady who feels alienated from modern city life, but when she embarks on a magical dreamlike journey, she finds wonder and a newfound appreciation for the place she lives in. ‘Waldeinsamkeit’ is an old German word which describes the feeling of spiritual connection one can experience when being alone in a forest. The film is entirely hand drawn, mostly with pencil, ink and watercolour on paper. It was important to me to translate the tactility of animating traditionally and the sketchbook-look of my initial development work into the visual outcome.