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Rebecca Wong
Fashion BA Hons

Kingston School of Art

Specialisms: Menswear / Fashion Illustration / Textiles - Print

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Kingston School of Art

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Rebecca Wong

Rebecca Wong ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Rebecca

Last Name: Wong

Specialisms: Menswear / Fashion Illustration / Textiles - Print


My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Kingston School of Art

Course / Program Title: Fashion BA Hons


Rebecca Wong is a fashion design graduate specialising in menswear, print design and fashion illustration. In her personal design work she brings together themes of culture, family nostalgia and belonging to create spaces where she can celebrate her heritage and play with masculine identities.

ARTSTHREAD Global design graduate show 2023 Street Casual category joint winner

PUMA BHM competition 2023 winner

Manifested from a body of research widely consisting of family photo albums and vintage images of Jamaican reggae artists, 'All Bein' Well' explores my fascination with the many layers of heritage, culture and memory. To celebrate my Jamaican heritage and Black-British identity, I use the recurring themes of nostalgia, fluidity and belonging to question society's view of black men and the lack of space that this view leaves for vulnerability and openness. Each look portrays cultural references spanning from Portland, Jamaica, where my nana was born to Manchester where she later settled and started her family, to showcase the diversity and originality of Caribbean self-expression. I strive to constantly find beauty in the ordinary, less popularised elements of my culture, celebrating the journeys of those who participate within it. The Caribbean living room, a cultural staple within black British life post-Windrush was a significant influence. I found that by contrasting the seemingly ordinary aspects of Black-British life with the more striking style of Jamaican dancehall artists, I could create a space to portray Jamaican male flamboyancy in a fresh, liberating way that balances feminine and masculine elements and combines maximalism with comfort. For instance numerous motifs, colours and textures were taken from my nana's home over the years and documented in photographs, allowing me to include lace and botanical motifs through print and fabrication. Her style was also influential to the project, feminine visuals throughout were a tribute to her individuality, resilience and inspiring journey. From these themes and influences, I have designed and constructed 7 looks, each completed by a pair of Clarks Originals (a fashion staple in Jamaica). I hope that this collection will push the boundaries of Caribbean masculinity and portray, through clothing, the vibrancy and joy within Jamaican culture. Credits: Shoot 1 'Portland' (Location): Photography - Emily White Shoot 2 'Elva's House' (Studio): Photography - William Sousa Creative Direction, Design & Styling - Rebecca Wong Models - David Alajiki, Kaine Alleyne, Jordan Lambert, Giles Williams, Lewis Williams Shoot Assistants: Olivia Grace Williams, Lola Fried-Jones

filling space (PUMA BHM winning entry)

Filling space celebrates black female talent and impact in male dominated spaces with aesthetics fuelled by old school hip hop, sport and Jamaica. The project was created in response to Puma's black history month competition brief, which called black designers to design a collection of looks to match the iconic puma suede. In response to the brief, I have sought to honour and celebrate the remarkable achievements of black women who have made history by shattering glass ceilings in traditionally male-dominated fields. Inspired by the iconic success of Puma Suede in various male-dominated spaces such as hip-hop and sport, the project which I have titled: "Filling Space" serves as a tribute to the determination of Black women who have made waves in these arenas and started many trends whilst doing so. The driving force behind this project was the powerful documentary "Ladies First," which provided insight into the pioneering role of women in the early days of hip-hop. Additionally, the recent historic qualification of Jamaica's women's football team for the World Cup profoundly inspired me, given my Jamaican heritage. These two sources of inspiration converge to create a dynamic backdrop for a fashion collection that blends the worlds of sports and music. Creatively, I strive to create celebratory work that observes relevant, significant subjects through a cultural lens. Lace features are included to symbolise femininity and the idea of the Caribbean living room, while large, oversized denim pieces and appliques are an ode to the world of hip hop. "Filling space" celebrates the essence of athleisure, where Jamaican culture and the hip-hop scene beautifully intersect. Photographer: ARAN HARRIS @aranharrisphoto Talent: BINA. @binaofficial AMINATA FALL @ami.fall