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Mary lempres
Industrial design MID

Pratt School of Design

Specialisms: Industrial Design / Sustainable Design / Design Research

Location: New York, United States

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Pratt School of Design

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Mary lempres

Mary lempres ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Mary

Last Name: lempres

Specialisms: Industrial Design / Sustainable Design / Design Research


My Location: New York, United States

University / College: Pratt School of Design

Course / Program Title: Industrial design MID


Mary is a Norwegian-American Industrial Designer who received her MID from Pratt Institute while enrolled in the CERN IdeaSquare Challenge-Based Innovation program. She completed her undergraduate studies in Fine Art with concurrent studies in Biology and Chemistry at UC Berkeley. Her work focuses on designing with new materials and biological processes to forward accessible design while eliminating the environmental impact of consumer products.  

"I’m motivated by the potential design has to better individuals, communities, and our world. In the 21st century, design offers an exceptional opportunity to re-envision value chains, behaviors, & manufacturing processes to drive positive change. My approach involves merging science, business, & design to develop clean materials, systems, & products that regenerate nature, nurture curiosity, & optimize the long-term well-being of people & the planet."

Reef Rocket is a biocement reef structure grown by plant-derived enzymes. Globally, rising sea levels pose substantial threats to human and ecological health. Reef Rocket seeks to decarbonize cement production by employing nature in the manufacturing process while engaging communities most impacted by rising sea levels in fabricating and restoring natural reefs that reduce coastal flooding, promote biodiversity, and filter water. We believe our solution can disrupt cement production while democratizing climate-positive technology that prioritizes local, circular manufacturing.