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Mariel M. Matute
Fashion BA Hons

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

Specialisms: Jewellery Art Education

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

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Mariel M. Matute

Mariel M. Matute ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Mariel

Last Name: M. Matute

Specialisms: Jewellery / Art Education

Sectors: Fine Art/Photography/Craft

My Location: Antwerp, Belgium

University / College: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

Course / Program Title: Fashion BA Hons


Multidisciplinary artist

Statement The main idea of this project is to generate self-awareness amongst the teenagers in San Jerónimo de Tunán, a town located in the highlands of the Junín Region in Perú. To make high school students conscious that it is possible to help maintain the cultural background using art and that through art it is also possible to generate economic income that will benefit the level of their education. For this purpose, a collaboration was made with silver- & goldsmiths of their region called Amautas. The method of creating the collection is a participative process that had the input of four people from San Jerónimo de Tunán. The main purpose of this collection is the creation of pieces that symbolize the legacy of the Andean women, using characteristic symbols of Andean folklore from Peru on the one hand and using Inca and contemporary jewelry techniques on the other hand. Both with the support of the Amautas.