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Jeongho Hwang
Fashion Design BA

Istituto Marangoni Milan

Specialisms: Apparel / Design Research / Womenswear

Location: Milan, Italy

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Istituto Marangoni Milan

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Jeongho Hwang

Jeongho Hwang ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Jeongho

Last Name: Hwang

Specialisms: Apparel / Design Research / Womenswear


My Location: Milan, Italy

University / College: Istituto Marangoni Milan

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design BA


Fashion has distanced itself from aesthetics.

The communication between the brand and the public has become more active than in the past and the brand has reached a point where it meets the tastes of consumers while maintaining its integrity. So-called outsider fashion, such as DIY spirit punk fashion or skateboard fashion, is also

been absorbed by companies and its legitimacy and unique elegance have vanished.

Fashion is imperfect and has no answers, but is it okay to let other subcultures and their minds fade for it?

Fashion has distanced itself from aesthetics. Brand-to-audience communication is now more interactive, balancing consumer preferences and brand integrity. Even "outsider" styles like punk or skateboarding have been commercialized, losing uniqueness. Is it okay for fashion to let subcultures fade?