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Jake Southcombe
Architecture BA Hons

De Montfort University

Specialisms: Architecture / Landscape / Garden Design /

Location: Leicester, United Kingdom

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De Montfort University

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Jake Southcombe

Jake Southcombe ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Jake

Last Name: Southcombe

Specialisms: Architecture / Landscape / Garden Design


My Location: Leicester, United Kingdom

University / College: De Montfort University

Course / Program Title: Architecture BA Hons


I have recently graduated from De Montfort University achieving a First Class Architecture BA (Hons) degree. Also being awarded the Pro Construction Award, the LRSA student prize. Fosters + Partners student award as well as being nominated for the AJ student prize and the RIBA Bronze presidents medal.

Spinning Gin – The Nations Non-Alcoholic Gin

Spinning Gin aims to challenge the concept of radical housing and propinquity through connecting the town of Tamworth together with a new community. Co-housing will provide multi-generational living combined with a family-owned gin distillery, a self-sustaining hub that allows everyone to co-exist together. This new place-maker in Tamworth provides economic, social, and environmental value to the town. A new way of living is established, bringing the community together with communal spaces for users to gather and socialise, while private living pods offer private areas to reside in. Landscaping is a key aspect in this proposal regenerating and connecting the newly established Spinning Gin family to the local neighbourhood. Botanical growing pods will be established and spread around Tamworth, allowing for the public to interact with all aspects of the gin process. This family–owned business producing non-alcoholic gin, will be manufactured on site using locally produced botanicals. A tour of the gin distillery demonstrates the self-sustaining process whereby the locally grown botanicals are developed into gin, which can be enjoyed in the gin bar at the end of the tour. Spinning Gin is an inclusive community that interacts with the town to provide an exciting new product in Tamworth.