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Isabella Phillips
Industrial Design and Technology BA Hons

Loughborough University

Specialisms: Industrial Design / Sustainable Design / Design for Social Good

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Loughborough University

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Isabella Phillips

Isabella Phillips ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Isabella

Last Name: Phillips

Specialisms: Industrial Design / Sustainable Design / Design for Social Good

Sectors: Product / Architecture / Interiors / Product / Architecture / Interiors / Product / Architecture / Interiors

My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Loughborough University

Course / Program Title: Industrial Design and Technology BA Hons


Using an inquisitive and adaptive approach, I am passionate about delivering meaningful solutions that lead to a better quality of life for users. With this enthusiasm and drive, I achieved a first-class honours from Loughborough University in Industrial Design.

Maia has been developed to address the issue of non-reusable menstrual products contributing to plastic pollution, as well as the vast number of women that experience physiological and psychological issues because of their menstrual cycle. Maia is an ecosystem of products that all work synergistically together to empower individuals who menstruate. The tracking device, along with the optional attachments, allows the user to track their cycle, store a range of menstrual products, and ease their menstrual symptoms. The solution includes: • App – track cycle, physiological and psychological changes and provide key information on menstrual related disorders. Working with industry professionals to give you tips on how to improve your symptoms through nutrition and diet, exercise, sleep, yoga and meditation. • Tracking device with charging base – connects to the app to track the menstrual cycle and store period products. Contains a UV-C sanitisation slot designed to promote the use of menstrual cups, thereby reducing plastic pollution from non-reusable options. • [Optional] Pill storage – a 7-day slot unit designed to store oral contraceptives, pain killers, anti-depressants, vitamins, and minerals. These pills are said to improve PMS and PMDD symptoms. • [Optional] Portable diffuser – remotely controlled through the app, the diffuser uses specific essential oils to ease anxiety, the most common PMS symptom.