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Harry Miller-Adams
Product Design BA/BEng/MEng

Middlesex University

Specialisms: Industrial Design / Product / Architecture / Interiors / Product Design

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Middlesex University

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Harry Miller-Adams

Harry Miller-Adams ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Harry

Last Name: Miller-Adams

Specialisms: Industrial Design / Product / Architecture / Interiors / Product Design


My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Middlesex University

Course / Program Title: Product Design BA/BEng/MEng


A passionate designer who strives to solve problems, is highly organised, and an excellent team player. I am self-motivated, have an eye for detail, and an eagerness to learn.

Kettle. provides instant hot water while pouring, efficiently reducing both energy & water waste, eliminating overfilling & over-boiling opportunities and stimulating sustainable behaviour change, using innovative lattice structure heat exchange technology. I undertook the challenge of redesigning the humble kettle, drawing inspiration from domestic appliances, sustainability, & behavioural change through the use of cutting-edge new integrated technology to maximise efficiency and functionality. The goal was to tackle one of the least sustainable domestic appliances due to the overfilling and over-boiling habits of users. Shockingly, research shows that 75% of British households overfill their kettles, resulting in the waste of 70 million litres of water daily & a loss of £68 million annually while making tea. The mere sight of these statistics motivated me to design for sustainable change. Kettle. is highly efficient and user-friendly, featuring a pour-to-boil function powered by two lattice structural heat exchanges that enable rapid temperature increase during pouring. A maintenance exchange holds water at a set temperature, the rapid exchange allows the water to flow through it, rapidly increasing the water temperature. These both are situated within a vacuum flask minimising temperature fall-off and keeping water warm throughout the day, reducing energy, water and time wastage. A microcontroller & temperature management sensor work together to maintain a specific temperature threshold utilising minimal power inputs. The heat exchanges optimise water flow rate & exposure times for maximum exchange efficiency. Kettle. is modular, easy to clean, & repairable, guaranteeing a longer lifespan & reducing material waste & landfill usage. This kettle boasts a remarkable 20-25% increase in energy efficiency & eliminates previous unsustainable habits. Kettle. went through a meticulous & intricate design process. It all began with generating a domain, conducting thorough research, & comprehending the existing issues. I then gathered inspiration for the product's form & function, & developed countless sketches & concepts. Collaborative conversations were held with users to understand their experiences; data logging took place to identify inefficiencies along side product tear-downs. Extensive research & testing were conducted to develop prototypes, paying close attention to the heat exchange arrangement & the lattice structures. Ntopology software familiarisation was utilised to generate & optimise the lattice, ensuring the best possible outcome. I conducted manual computational fluid dynamic testing, weight distribution, & baffle integration evaluations. I consulted with a mathematician & other professionals to ensure feasibility & effective form development. I tackled vacuum flask integration, handle & spout development, CAD advancement, material understanding, product aesthetic enhancement, CMF modelling, high-fidelity rendering, technical drawings, & product validation. Throughout the extensive nine-month design process, I skill-fully acquired invaluable insights & crafted a remarkably sustainable & efficient appliance. Upon comparison, it is evident that Kettle. stands out from similar products in terms of appearance, performance, functionality, longevity, & most importantly, sustainability. Through the use of sophisticated, high surface area lattice structure heat exchanges, Vacuum flask housing & microcontroller integration, It results in Kettle to not only be more energy efficient but it allows you to experience instant hot water without the hassle of waiting or overfilling with this innovative appliance. Withdrawing wasteful practices, such as overfilling & boiling, that consume excessive energy, water, & resources. With this appliance, you can confidently pour only the necessary amount of water, effectively eliminating unsustainable habits. Kettle.’s modular design allows for effortless maintenance, descaling, repairability, & re-utilisation, leading to a longer-lasting, more enjoyable & enduring appliance. My objective is to push Kettle. to its maximum potential by continual development & refinement, achieving the ultimate level of enhancement. I am eager to delve deeper into the capabilities of the Lattice structure heat exchange technology, I am determined to enhance its potential and practical application through continuous optimisation. I firmly believe that integrating this technology into various appliances and products can significantly enhance their efficiency, performance, & sustainability; I am highly motivated to explore this avenue and elevate this challenge to the next level, striving for a positive change. The future is exciting. -Institution of Engineering Designers Annual Prize Award, Award of Excellence, Best Final Year Project. -Shortlisted for Kevin's Green Hero's at Grand Designs Live.