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Gosia Kepka
Illustration BA (Hons)

Duncan of Jordanstone University of Dundee

Specialisms: Illustration / Digital / Visual Comm / Film / Graphic Design

Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Duncan of Jordanstone University of Dundee

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Gosia Kepka

Gosia Kepka ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Gosia

Last Name: Kepka

Specialisms: Illustration / Digital / Visual Comm / Film / Graphic Design

Sectors: Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

University / College: Duncan of Jordanstone University of Dundee

Course / Program Title: Illustration BA (Hons)


I am an illustrator currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. My current practice focuses mainly on digital art, although occasionally I like incorporating my sketches done in traditional media, by scanning them and developing into a digital illustration. When I get a chance, I also like working with traditional printing techniques, such as risograph or lino printing. As an illustrator, I am particularly interested in editorial design and illustration, packaging and surface pattern design, as well book cover design and stationery. In my work I like using limited colour palettes, simplified shapes and textures. Themes regarding environmental issues are important to me, and motifs influenced by climate and respect for nature often appear in the designs I create. In my personal work, I enjoy creating cute and playful illustrations, usually inspired by nature, wildlife and tropical landscapes. With my work, I would like to give a viewer the positive feeling of warmth and happiness, a sense of excitement and adventure.

Packaging project created for a fictional vegan chocolate company. I wanted to create a set of chocolate packagings that would appeal to the audience of young adults, around 20 to 30 years old. As I am interested in traditional printing techniques I decided to go with a design that, although created digitally, would resemble a screen print or risograph printing methods, with layers of colours overlapping each other, as well as textures that imitate these techniques. I decided to go with unusual flavours to create more unique and interesting result.