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Femke Burley
Interior Architecture & Design BA Hons

Arts University Bournemouth

Specialisms: Interior Architecture / Design for Social Good / Sustainable Design

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

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Arts University Bournemouth

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Femke Burley

Femke Burley ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Femke

Last Name: Burley

Specialisms: Interior Architecture / Design for Social Good / Sustainable Design


My Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

University / College: Arts University Bournemouth

Course / Program Title: Interior Architecture & Design BA Hons


Interior Architecture and Design Graduate from Arts University Bournemouth, looking to move into the creative field of interiors, developing design briefs and creative solutions through effective research, client interaction and coherent graphic communication of projects from start to finish.

My personal aspirations explore the adaptive re-use of heritage sites to embrace and incorporate cultural history into newly designed spaces for future generations to enjoy!

Moving towards a more economically and environmentally sustainable future for society, Fort Homestead reimagines the common idea of tourism using the current momentum for change in the tourism industry. Redefining the well-known 'touristic' definition in a post-pandemic society contributes towards the ongoing battle to reverse the negative impacts caused by humans on the sustainability of our planet. The newly proposed space explores the unfamiliar concept of Slow Tourism through the enhancement of a heritage site in Gosport known as Fort Gilkicker. In line with Gosport's goals for the future, this project develops the crossover of the community heritage and values with visitor expectations. Promoting the general idea of 'tourist in your own city' whilst encouraging culturally motivated travel results in the provision of an authentic, yet fulfilling alternative to what we know as tourism, by allowing one to escape the troubles of modern-day society.