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Global Creative Graduate Showcase 2024

Global Creative Graduate Showcase 2024

31st Aug 2024

For our 5th Anniversary edition, Arts Thread is delighted that WGSN + Coloro are collaborating on the Global Creative Graduate Showcase 2024.

Global Creative Graduate Showcase is open to all undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate art and design disciplines for those that have graduated between September 2023 - August 2024 (Southern Hemisphere graduating after September 2023).

The Global Creative Graduate Showcase 2024 is your chance to share your creative work alongside your peers from around the world and get it judged by industry leaders. Last year's Global Design Graduate Show was a huge success with 5823 entries representing 117 countries from 472 higher education institutions.

It is your chance to curate your creative personality by mixing research with 2D/3D development documenting all the different creative and technical development stages up to the final outcome. It would be good to know your personal creative journey, whether by photo or film.

We also encourage you to produce a short self-curated film (like an Instagram story) to introduce your work to the world in your own words and visuals.

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*Global Creative Graduate Showcase is the new name for Global Design Graduate Show, a nonprofit organisation set up to promote the work of graduating art & design students worldwide.


Upload your end of year project.**

- As well as your final completed project, we'll also be assessing your concept and creative process - the entire journey from A to Z is just as exciting as the final outcome.

- Visualise your creative journey - you should explore and be innovative in how you express your creative process and can upload artwork and designs, development and in-between stages with a mix of research storyboards, sketches, illustrations, photographs and digital renderings etc. alongside embedded films from Youtube or Vimeo.

- We would love it (but it's purely optional) if you can film and produce a short self-curated film ( like an Instagram story ) of between 1 to 3 minutes where you present yourself and your work to a global audience, explaining your thoughts and the process behind your final project. Please upload the film to Youtube/Vimeo & embed this onto your project page.

- You can tag your project with a maximum of 3 categories .

** All work uploaded for Global Creative Graduate Showcase remains the copyright of the competition entrant.

*** Only for Film graduates - please upload the full film. The whole film needs to be seen by the judges in order to qualify (from Sept 10th), if you wish, please embed onto your film password protected and Contact us with Subject - Password Protected Film - supplying us with the password.

****NB Vimeo Password-Protected Films will not embed onto our site. If you wish, please instead mark as 'Unlisted' as these will play on our site but are not searchable on Vimeo.


Awards will be given in a variety of categories -





Please note there are many specialisms within Arts Thread you can tag yourself to.


Open internationally to all art and design undergraduate or postgraduate students graduating in the Academic Year 2023-24 - i.e. September 2023 to August 2024 (Southern hemisphere graduating after September 2023).


Already got an Arts Thread portfolio? To enter, simply log into your account , upload your work as a new project and choose Global Creative Graduate Showcase 2024 from the dropdown options for Current Competitions.

New to Arts Thread? To enter, register to create an ARTS THREAD account and go to your email and click on the activation link sent to your email Inbox. Then log into your account, create your profile , upload your project and THIS IS IMPORTANT - choose Global Creative Graduate Showcase 2024 from the dropdown options for Current Competitions .

NB You must complete your profile BEFORE you can upload your project.

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Once you have uploaded your projects you can return to the platform as many times as you want to improve your graduate showcase until the application deadline August 31 2024.

How do you know you are entered in the Competition? You will see the Global Creative Graduate Showcase banner displayed to the right-hand side of your project.

ENTRY: Free to apply

DEADLINE TO APPLY: August 31 2024 23.59 NYC


Check out the Global Creative Graduate Showcase Instagram covering the diversity of the student submissions in the competition. Please follow and use following social media handles when posting about your project for this competition.

#artsthread / @artsthread




A team of independent judges will narrow the work down to a shortlist of creatives whose work will be displayed on the Arts Thread platform. 

A panel of esteemed judges will choose their winners and there will also be a public vote , which will allow the global audience to see the submissions whilst voting for their favourites.

The winners will be announced in October 2024.

meet the global design graduate show 2023 winners

fashion / accessories / textiles

digital / visual comm / film

Product Design / Architecture / Interiors

Fine Art / Photography / Craft