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ARTS THREAD Creative Career Workshops for Universities Colleges

ARTSTHREAD - ARTS THREAD Creative Career Workshops for Universities Colleges

Understanding the need to bridge the gap between education and the start of a creative career, ARTS THREAD is now offering workshop packages both online through webinars and Google hangouts and also offline with visits in person to universities and colleges worldwide.

Our ARTS THREAD Creative Career Workshops teach the students how to prepare for the world outside when they leave education. The workshops help to give them the tools to develop and plan their career, including how to market yourself as a new creative both online and using social media.

Our bespoke service will appeal to both those wishing to find full-time employment and those wishing to create their own businesses.

Strategically planned to give the students time to reflect and act on the information, the package is modular-based and can be scaled up to meet university or college requirements.

For more information and details on our workshops and our experts Alex BrownlessDan Goode and Ben Tallon, please download our ARTS THREAD UNIVERSITY & COLLEGE CREATIVE CAREER WORKSHOPS PACKAGE