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JIsun yoo | sewon park
industrial design

Hongik University

Specialisms: Digital / Visual Comm / Film / Digital Design / UX Design

Location: Seoul, South Korea

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Hongik University

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JIsun yoo | sewon park

JIsun yoo | sewon park ArtsThread Profile

First Name: JIsun yoo

Last Name: | sewon park

Specialisms: Digital / Visual Comm / Film / Digital Design / UX Design


My Location: Seoul, South Korea

University / College: Hongik University

Course / Program Title: industrial design


We're Jisun Yoo, Sewon Park, a ux/ui design team. My first priority is to create convenient and enjoyable experiences through innovative, functional and user-centered design.

‘ILDA’ is AR march service which helps people express their opinions freely and support the social issue with AR characters that speak for themselves. Using the ILDA app, users can place a layer of virtual character that represents themselves on AR site and occupy the spot. They can emphasize the theme of the march through the character's appearance, clothes, and props. In addition, users can easily organize AR march everywhere, even which is not allowed to protest offline.